ART-DESIGN Francesco Faccin / Bronzification

Bronzification is an exhibition that reveals the workings of the “Terzista Editore’s system” through  six bronze furniture pieces designed by Francesco Faccin. .

Serial Planks is a collection of furniture created through the repetition of a single bronze plank that is adjusted and arranged accordingly in an infinite number of shapes. A mould is casted from an original larch plank, 150cm long by 7cm wide. From this unique mould it is possible to produce an endless number of planks which are both identical yet different thanks to the ancient hand crafted production - where every imperfection becomes a virtue. 

With this project Francesco Faccin managed to use repetition - usually championed in the industrial system - as a mean for artistic creation.

Bronzification wishes to communicate a change of state, movement and action. It is a project focusing on “process” not “shape”. It is a neat juxtaposition between the nobility of the metal bronze and the austerity of the wooden plank, a basic module used for building work since the beginning of time.

Serial Planks collection is produced by Fonderia Artistica Battaglia and designed by Francesco Faccin in exclusive for Nilufar Gallery. A table and a consolle realised with Serial Planks’ method will be on show at Nilufar Depot during the Salone del Mobile. 

Terzista Editore” is an oxymoron. The “Terzista” (“contractor” in italian) by definition is a person under a contract that provides supplies or performs work for others. He has specific skills and works without the need to discuss or examine the way in which the client’s project was planned out. On the other hand, “Editore” (“editor” in italian) is someone with a vision, who choses his “client” and makes an investment because he strongly believes that his investment will pay back in time. This is the key of the “Terzista Editore” project. 


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